About the Blog

This is an eclectic, polemical blog about Christian theology.

Whew, that was a mouthful!

Let's break that down:

Eclectic: while everything eventually ties back to Christian faith, the blog will explore areas such as philosophy, video gaming, and music, as well as dusty-book-style theology. I may discuss politics or social issues, but it is unlikely I will write about abortion here, since I write on that subject professionally and would rather direct you to the Equal Rights Institute Blog.

Polemical: the blog isn't neutral. While I may be simply reporting facts or my feelings in some posts, my style is to make an argument for one thing or against another. That doesn't mean this blog will be negative all the time; in fact, I have a strict rule that the majority of the posts must be positive and/or constructive rather than merely critical.

Christian: I believe what the Bible says about Jesus. I believe what Jesus says about Himself, ethics, and the Kingdom. Mormons, Unitarians, and 19th-century German theologians need not apply.

Theology: literally, reasoning about God. Any subject is fair game as long as revealed truth holds implications for it. That means any subject is fair game (see "Eclectic").